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SRV Record to resolve SSL outlook error on SBS

By 12th April 2015November 9th, 2017No Comments

When setting up the external domain with the SBS 2008 / 2011 wizard it setups up the domain with one a record (

This is well and good, but it has a downside which is worth knowing that you have to set up a SRV record for the domain so that Autodiscover will work properly for external client auto-configuration.

This is because you are using a single-name SSL certificate, which isn’t what Exchange 2007/2010 was designed to use.

So to solve this issue you need create an Autodiscover SRV record so that  Outlook 2007 on-wards to auto-configure for Outlook Anywhere (RPC-over-HTTPS) and ActiveSync and also not give an annoying SSL warning.

The Microsoft KB is – KB940881 but here are the steps I use.

  1. Remove any autodiscover and “*” A records for the domain
  2. Add the SRV record for
    • Hostname = _autodiscover._tcp
    • Priority = 1
    • Weight = 1
    • Port = 443
    • Target =



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